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Abazar Group has been providing bespoke shelving & racking solutions to industrial and commercial storage space since 1980. They offer a comprehensive range of services, including warehouse consultancy & outlining, rack inspections, and redesigning services to support future expansion of your storage spaces. Whether you need to utilize your warehouse space or want to extend retail stockroom, they cover everything at the competitive cost.
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When we discussed the project with Abazar Group, we were clear about their goals, and found a lot of technical problems with their website and UI UX along with the marketing method.
Our team was aware of the fact that industrial websites need to be as practical as possible while managing the aesthetics of a brand’s characteristics. Hence, we started with initial changes and logo that presented the brand in a path-breaking way.

The next challenge was to correct all the errors on the website and create something unique.

Our web marketing strategy and design won their appreciation and later, we started developing an SEO friendly and responsive website, which brought organic traffic and took it to another level.
Our SEO team specifically handles all the service pages and continuously bringing ROI-Positive results for Abazar Shelving.

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