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NBM Pack is the leader in the self-adhesive BOPP packing tapes and material industry, which has been providing best-in-class products including packaging materials, accessories and safety products. Being the largest manufacturer, supplier, export, and distributor in UAE, NBM Pack delivers customer satisfaction with quality and support. Their products are widely used in various industries such as marine, mining, and retail companies.
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Recreating Online Reputation

Despite being in the industry for so long, and having the best quality products in the industry, NBM Pack lacked the right SEO strategy and branding process.

By understanding their goals and outlining the areas where things need to be corrected, the team at WebEnliven Solutions began with revamping the identity with new logo design and web development for a better representation.

While designing the website, our talented developers gave importance to the aesthetics that makes NBM Pack better than others. With better SEO strategies and continuous updates and interactive web marketing, we made it possible for the website to get ranked among the top websites in the same niche.

We are still working to retain and grow the results with our approach to getting better every day!

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